​At Pawsitive Passage, we understand how difficult it is to lose a pet. That is why we are committed to providing pet owners with a dignified, Pawsitive Passage that respects and honors the memory of their beloved friend while providing closure to the family with appropriate pet cremation services. Individual services for pet cremations in Southern Maryland may include the gentle pickup of the pet from your home or local veterinarian, the individual cremation process, placing the cremated remains in an attractive, personalized urn, and returning the remains back to the veterinarian or home. Pets are to be cremated in a private setting with no intermingling of ashes. Strict quality controls shall be used to monitor each pet throughout the cremation process. In order to ensure that each pet is treated with the utmost care, each one shall be issued a unique metal identification disc at the time it is received. The pet's identification disc will remain with it throughout the entire cremation process and then packaged along with the ashes inside of the urn. This is the same process that is required by law in the cremation of humans. We understand that each pet is a member of someone's family and deserve the very best.

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If my pet passes in the middle of the night, will Pawsitive Passage be available?

We understand how hard it is to lose a pet, especially unexpectedly. We do our best to offer "At-need" service. If your pet passes after business hours please call us at 301-475-0446 and leave a message. That message will be forward to us and we will do our best to return your call as soon as possible.
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